Beautiful Lisa Lents was wrapped in Borcher at the Gallapremiere for the movie “Superclasico”

She is wearing a couture silk blouse with handfolded details – AW 2010
A striped pencil skirt made in classic wool – SS 2011

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Last night Royal Copenhagen was inviting to the celebrating of the 5th anniversary of Black Fluted Mega
Everything was settled in the distinguished halls of Bach Piano where Royal Copenhagen were serving bubbeling champange and the dazzling canapés de luxe.
Everything accompanied by the alluring tones of the very talented classic pianists Katrine Gislinge & Rikke Sandberg. They were both wrapped in Borcher Couture while they where playing some amazing mellow tones from “my swan” – the piano decorated in Black Fluted Mega.
An amazing night with beautiful black dressed people

Mellow tones & black feathers falling from the sky from me to you.
Mademoiselle Borcher

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The black powerful ravens flew over the land of dreams.
It began to rain and the drops was falling like soft feathers from the sky. From a distance, they created a mellow and magical melody when they hit the ground. As when the beautiful black dressed pianist moved her long pale fingers over her perfect piano.
The rain became more powerful as the sound of the piano grew into my heart and for a breif moment I was far far away in the land created from dreams.

Photos by: Flemming Leitorp/Royal Copenhagen

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An exclusive pin-up look

Beautiful Maria Erwolter was  wrapped in Borcher Couture at the Zulu Award 2011.
She was wearing a couture shirt with handfolded details and lace & the silky corsage panties.
Both creations are made in soft silk and from the AW 2011 collection which will be launched very soon on www.borcher.net

As someone told me the other day “she was hot as hell”

For more photos from the red carpet, then follow this link: Zulu Award Red Carpet

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Preparing an fairy tale far far away from here

Soon I will experience an knew adventure and I am therefore started with the many preparations.
Yesterday I ordered my new passport, the key to the big world.
I can feel how it is bubbeling in my body and how my thoughts is dancing around like little fireflies.
Soon, very soon I will spread my black wings and fly.
As when a beautiful butterfly crawls out of its cocoon, unfolds its wings and flies out into the world…..

Fireflies & Love
Mademoiselle Borcher

Ps: Photo 2 is a little sneakpeak of what to come from Borcher Vs  the talented Photographer Maria Lomholdt.

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A Black Horse, A Black Piano & A Black fluted painting

It felt as is time flowed through my body today. As one of my dear friends wrote to me the other day,
“Time gallops like an arabian thoroughbred,across the desert plains”.

I had a meeting today at Bach Piano. A truly magical place, where I was sent back in time.
I believe that there is something mesmerizing about the black pianos and I am particularly in love with the incinerated piano from Maarten Bass “Where There’s Smoke”, which unfortunately is not on display at Bach piano.

Amongst the many beautiful black ravens stood a white one. I named it the Swan. It was in the process of being decorated by one of Royal Copenhagens professional porcelain painters. It was painted in Black Fluted Mega for the celebration of the 5th anniversary of this particular design.
An event I look forward to experience as it can be only as beautiful as it is in my mind.

Black painted fairy tales from me to you
Mademosielle Borcher

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The powerful black arabian thoroughbred runs across the desert plains. The tracks left behind forms sensual patterns in the warm sand. The pattern spreads and grows like a spiderwebs infinite strands. If forms the beautiful likeness of Black Fluted Mega. From a distant location, soft, mellow sounds from a black smoked piano soothes your ears…

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The ravens are flying across the land of fairy tales

I woke up today while the newborn sunrays hit my face
They told me that spring is coming and they gave me renewed energy.
Soft jazz was dancing in tiny bars out of my speakers and my thoughts were far far away.
I thought of the exciting future and next week’s tasks.

On this beautiful Sunday, I will work with a special request for an event later next week.
Then, make a creative brainstorm & drawings for one of the new projects I am working on with my web-guru.
A new initiative which I am very exited to show you very soon!!

wishing you all a perfect sunday
Mademoiselle Borcher

Black Ravens which are flying across the land of fairy tales with small porcelain dolls on their backs.
The dolls are wrapped in lace.
They are flying above a landscape of black roses. Roses growing into your heart of dreams
while thousands of scarabs are making the most amazing pattern, seen from the dark blue and purple sky.

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Diary of dreams

Dear readers

I hereby send you all across the land of fairytales. In the large airballoon, you witness beautiful ravens and dragons, magical black forests, fairydust, baby dolls and small secret rooms.

I find myself in a constant fairytale and I would like to take you by the hand and show you my world of dreams.
One of the first fairytales I started and which I am still writing, began in the mystic year of 2008. The year where I created the fashion brand
Since then,  several gusts of wind has passed under my black wings and sent me further into the great world of dreams.
I have opened new passageways into the old house in the forest of dreams. As some of you may have noticed, a part of my work has this last period of time revolved around costume-making for the danish tv-series “LYKKE”
and many more projects are on their way.

My passion is to create and to play. To wrap you up in beautiful fairytales and plant dazzling thoughts, images and feelings in your soul.

Many creative thoughts are flowing through my body every single day. And so, from this day forth, I would like to use this blog to share my thoughts with you. I will call it my diary. The diary of dreams.

You will of course still have the newest updates regarding my new creations and news about BORCHER, but I will also share my thoughts and projects with you. I am going to take you behind the stage and together we shall take a leap into the fairy tales.
Take hold of my wing and let us fly.

Mademoiselle Borcher

The picture beneath, is one I look at daily. It inspires me so much and helps me to enter my very own dreamworld. The place where I write my fairytales. Fairytales that can spawn new collections, photoprojects and exhibitions. Only the imagination sets the limits.

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Danish Melody Grand Prix 2011 – Maybe a bit to hot

Stine Kinck & her backup singers was wrapt en fairy tales from Borcher at the danish melody grand prix 2011.

Stine wearing silky corsage panties from the AW 2011 collection. Which by the way, gave an “ecco” through the danish media world. Was she too hot for danish prime time television on a saturday night??!! Ups;)
Her backup singers are wearing pencil skirts & swimsuits from the SS 2011 collection.

View the performance here on youtube: Stine Kinck – Hvad hjertet lever af

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Bodil Award Party – The story about the true film diva.

Copenhagen just had the Bodil Award and adorable Mille Hoffmeyer Lehfeldt were Swept in Luxury from Borcher.
Her look was just perfect, a true 50′ies diva look.
Mademoiselle Borcher says thank you. I was just like a true fairy tale ♥

She is wearing a couture lace blouse & pencil skirt. Both lined with soft silk and handmade in Denmark.
Mille Hoffmeyer Lehfeldt was nominated as best female actress for “Nothing’s all bad”.

By the way, if you have the chance, then watch the movie. It is really interesting and I liked it a lot!!

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The Creature

“She is breathing, she is naked.
Everytime she fills her lungs with air,
her vains and muscles struggles to break free from her white and silky skin.
Oh, she looks so beautiful. I become obsessed with this amazing form and her spine, like dragonscales,
seduces me like nothing else.
Suddenly, a sound, from the corner of the room. A corner outside my perspective.
Small taps on the wooden floor. It sounds like a small symphony.
The sound approaches and enters my line of view from the small crack of the door.
Like a black shade something dark is starting to cover the floor near the woman.
Good God, what is happening?
The darkness is starting to climb the chair, touching the woman, ascending to the heights of her head.
She is drowning in this enormeous black entity.
In a blink of an eye, I discover what this creature is. Scarabs. Thousand of them. Building in size.
Conquering everything in their way and completely swallowing this female beauty.
Her body starts to move. She rises and lets her feet carry her strong appearance.
The blackness has become somewhat of a dark cloak, dress or garment.
Crawling on her, it shifts as she moves, adapting to the curves of her body.
This creature is being worn.
She turns and looks directly at me and disappears into the vast element of space.
Like magic, she is gone.”

- The Fairy tale of “the Creature” AW 2011 Collection.
The new dramatic collection will be launched online in august 2011. Until then it will be on display in the showroom.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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LYKKE is a danish produced TV comedy. Showing primetime every sunday evening.
Borcher has colaborated with the head costumier/designer (Camilla Kreutzmann) on the TV series and have therefore delivered some magical creations to the series from episode 6.

Borcher has created styles for the ambitious lead female actress Lykke (Mille Hoffmeyer Lehfeldt)
the very stylish Charlotte (Ann Eleonora Jørgensen)

You can buy the Borcher-Look from LYKKE online at Not Just A Label: http://www.notjustalabel.com/borcher
For more information, please contact us by mail.

For more info, follow the links:
Informations about The Borcher creations in “Lykke” - wich styles in wich episodes.

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Robert Award Party – A true fairytale was told

Copenhagen just had the Robert Award party and 2 of the most fabulous women were wrapt in luxery from Borcher
They look so amazing and Mademoiselle Borcher says thank you.
I was just like a true fairy tale ♥♥♥

Adorable & amazingly beautiful Mille Hoffmeyer Lehfeldt Swept in Luxury from Borcher.
Wearing a handfolded couture dress lined with pure silk.
Necklace handmade by NV Nonval
Mille was nominated as best female actress for “Nothing’s all bad”.

Amazing woman – Vibeke Muasya
Wearing a handfolded couture skirt & a top in pure soft silk.
Vibeke was nominated with the best family film “Lost in Africa” - The film was directed by Vibeke Muasya.

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Copenhagen Fashion Week Febuary 2011

A magical week has passed. A week of fashion and fame. The streets have been sprinkled with, couture, glam, champagne and beatiful women and BORCHER had its appearance here and there.

Below, some of the copenhagen divas swept in BORCHER during the week.

Photo 1 & 2 with the beautiful Cecilie Stenspil.
Wearing a dramatic dress in cashmere wool with puffy handfolded sleeves and a classic pencil skirt.

Photo 3 to 5 – Always stylish Maria Erwolter & Laust Sonne.
Maria Erwolter wearing customized BORCHER couture leather pants.
Also Wearing a customized BORCHER couture leather jacket in soft yellow leather. Both styles lined with pure silk and made just for her.
And last but not least she is wearing a handfolded leather belt and a silk tank top in photo 5.

Photo 6 to 9 – The perfect match, Szhirley & Saseline.
Szhirley wearing a pencil skirt and a couture jacket with handfolded puffy sleeves. Saseline wearing a luxurious silk shirt and lace skirt.
In photo 8 and 9 are Saseline in Full Borcher again. Wearing a couture jacket, silk top and shorts.

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Les Galleries Instantaness Vs BORCHER

Les Galleries Instantaness Vs BORCHER

Pop-up Fashion & Costume exhibition/Party
EXHIBITION 4-5.Feb , 11-19 both days
DRESS OUT PARTY Saturday 5. Feb. 20-02
Dress code to the party: DRESS TO IMPRESS – Be crazy & creative!!!

Wearehouse 9
Halmtorvet 11, bygning 66
Copenhagen, Denmark

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Black Ballerina

A little story about the passionated black ballerina.

BORCHER couture lacedress – SS 201o.
A little photo serie for a creative apprenticeship project by Jonas Danholt

Photographer: Jonas Danholt
Make up artistt: Mille Merian Thybo
Model: Nadia Skriver Dahl

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“Something is missing”, she said.

New creations are now available in the online-shop at the wonderful avant-garde “NOT JUST A LABEL”.
Follow the link, have a look and allow yourself to be seduced.
Link: BORCHER fairytales at NOT JUST A LABEL

Borcher is wishing you all a perfect day filled with dreams and smiles.

The Items you can find in the online shop:

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Spoil yourself for a good cause

BORCHER has donated a luxurious cape to the nationwide collection supporting “The New Africa”
- (Danmarks indsamling 2011).
This cape can be yours by bidding at Lauritz.com. All the money will be donated to the collection.
The auction will finish saturday the 29th of january, same day where the big nationwide collection will culminate in a big TV show on DR1.

Spoil yourself and at the same time, make a difference.

Link to the The Auction/Donation

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Praising words

In the danish daily newspaper “BT” you could find this beautiful interview with the always amazing actress Cecilie Stenspil.
Underneath is a section of the article, with a lot of praising words about Borcher.
If you want to read the full interview, follow this link : My fair lady
Mademoiselle Borcher is very grateful ♥♥
Wishing you all a wonderful week filled with fairytales.

Tøj med historie
- Jeg tænker meget over det tøj, jeg har på. Jeg kan f.eks have noget på fra designeren Christina Borcher, der støtter Stop Vold. Jeg tænker meget over, hvor tøjet kommer fra, om det er bæredygtigt uld. Jeg er ikke fanati omkring det, men jeg synes, at det er interessant, hvis tøjet også har en historien siger Stenspil. En af hendes yndlings-designere, danskeren Christina Borcher, er et forholdsmæssigt nyt navn på fashion-himmelen. Det er blot tre år siden, at Borcher debuterede med sine dramatiske, sorte, og drømmende kreationer. Borcher kalder sig ‘den sorte fjer i et hav af hvide’,  til fulde forstår, når man kaster et blik på Borchers elegante silhuetter i mol. Borcher henter sin inspiration fra et surrealistisk eventyr- univers, et malerisk mareridt befolket af ravne, skyggespil og farlige kvinder.
Bliv draget på: www.borcher.net

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Fly away with me

A little fairy tale from Borcher to all of you, with the wish of a wonderful weekend.

“As the skies crumble and the pale colors of the mist transform, she looks up and see the ravens take flight.
Her blond and silky strains of hair dances as the wind picks up.
Like a pillar of stone, she stands firmly in the wind letting the gusts breathe through her delicate silk shirt.
The handfolded details complete her radiating appearance and she shines like a beacon of light in the gloomy morning.”

Creations are from the SS 2011 collection / Room of Innocence

Photofiction by Maria Lomholdt

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A little black & white story

BORCHER couture dress – SS 2011.
A little photo serie for Unique Look.

Photographer: Niklas Højlund
Stylist: Kristine Wold
Model: Caroline Corinth.

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